WHH would like to thank all businesses and community members for the senseless act of vandalism.

Wollongong homeless hub would like to thank all the amazing businesses and community members that have rallied donations to help our hub clients that were victims of the senseless act of vandalism at the beginning of the week. We will be now able to help them have their cars back on the road by the beginning of next week from your generosity.
I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify the media reports that the person charged with this crime was a paying tenant of the homeless hub, this is not correct reporting as the person is not a tenant of Wollongong Homeless hub and to our knowledge has a private tenancy with a Wollongong real estate agent. We can confirm that all 3 victims are people experiencing homelessness and currently in our crisis accommodation. I invite anybody that would like to come for a service visit to see the amazing work that the staff do on a daily basis to please send your request through to info@wefh.org.au for us to organise.