Glider is an innovative program that focus’ on a targeted early intervention model utilising a multifaceted approach.  The program is client focused in its approach to supporting tenancies at risk and delivers post and pre-crisis assistance in the community services sector and real estate industry. Glider recognises the needs of both sectors, and works to find a common ground between both. Supporting tenants earlier on reduces stress, time and money in the process of eviction for all stakeholders.

Our goal is to support new and existing tenants of both sectors and intervene early to assist tenants in hardship addressing issues as they become unmanageable and before they hit crisis, ultimately preventing homelessness and in-turn a reduction in eviction cost to industry and reducing the number of people seeking temporary/crisis accommodation.

Our trained Community Service Officers work collaboratively with services to deliver post and pre-crisis assistance. As we provide a client centred approach to supporting tenancies at risk, we are able to refer tenants onto correct service pathways who can support them.

If you would like further information on Glider, please contact us on 02 4228 0955 or email

If you are a Real Estate Agent or Housing Provider with a current agreement with Glider please this link Glider Project_Consent to exchange information for a referral form.