Early Intervention

Wollongong Emergency Family Housing understands that we can never house every family or individual requesting accommodation. For families couples and young people in need, it is often better to maintain an existing tenancy by resolving outstanding issues before eviction or homelessness occurs.

We provide a range of services to assist those in immanent risk of losing their tenancies. We provide information, referral services and will work with tenants to resolve issues with their landlords directly where possible.

Some of the intervention strategies include assisting tenants to better manage their money by providing support to create family budgets in our Money Matters workshops. We also place clients in contact with tenant advocacy services and can provide referrals to one of our partners that can assist with legal services where appropriate.

Where issues cannot be resolved within the existing tenancy, we assist by providing one on one support through our Location, Location service at the Wollongong Homeless Hub. Also available through the Homeless Hub are access to the internet and other tools for applying and searching for accommodation.

In some instances, Wollongong Emergency Family Housing may be able to assist clients with the cost of a monthly travel pass to travel to rental inspections by train within Wollongong and some of the surrounding suburbs. If you require further support, please contact us for more information.

Intervention Services

Case Management

The Service continues to use a collaborative, client focused approach to case management and support. Clients often have complex and diverse needs and the service ensures that the process remains flexible in order to meet the individual requirements of each family or individual. Our Service policy identifies the importance of client ‘self-determination’ and encourages clients to identify their own needs and make informed decisions about services that can best assist them in achieving their goals.

Rent it, Keep it

Rent it, Keep it assists people who are seeking private rental accommodation gain the skills to secure and maintain a tenancy. Contact us for further information or visit us at the Wollongong Homeless Hub.

Location, Location

Location, Location a drop in service running at the Wollongong Homeless Hub 24 Kenny Street Wollongong NSW. Location, Location provides one on one support from 9am to 3pm from Monday to Friday on a drop in basis. Participants have access to internet access, phones, faxes and photocopiers and all the other resources at the Homeless Hub.

Money Minded

Monthly workshops starting in April looking at how you can gain control over your finances through budgeting. Workshops are 4 hours in length and explore how a budgeting can help you change your circumstances and the process of constructing a budget for yourself or for your family.