Community Movers

Community Movers TruckCommunity Movers was established at the end of 2014 as an initiative of Wollongong Emergency Family Housing to help fund the self-sustainability of Wollongong Homeless Hub.  100% of profits from this program go directly to fund the Homeless Hub.

Community Movers is a low-cost removalist service to help those who are forced to constantly move in and out of accommodation.  This service is offered to people working with other community agencies.

The service is also used as an employment training initiative for long term unemployed.  A mentor works with an individual and provides on the job training.

The service includes:

  • Pickup and deliver from the Illawarra and Statewide
  • 1 hour minimum per job
  • Small and large jobs

Community Movers Guide and Forms

For more information please contact our Community Movers Coordinator on 02 4228 0955 . Our service is located at 24 Kenny Street, Wollongong.