Our Clients Story

I want to introduce you to this beautiful family. A wonderful mother who moved her family from an intolerable situation that was effecting her and children’s safety and well being.

She is living in temporary emergency accommodation in just 2 rooms. She has been accessing the Hub every day bringing the children in for breakfast – they are the most well mannered, well behaved and beautifully cared for children. Hungry to learn and grateful for your kind donations we have been able to pass on to them. They have missed school while their Mum has been exhaustively applying unsuccessfully for properties.

I thought okay…. we will rent a property on her behalf as we will pay months rent in advance, support her and make sure property was cared for. Easy……..or so I thought. Went to view first property owned by a church ahhh. great they will be commpassionate and leap at the chance to assist this struggling family. An act of kindness. Wrong after viewing the property with a group of others, we were told the Church went with someone else as they were concerned the woman would not do the right thing!!!!!!! 3 properties later we are still trying…… another 3 Real Estate Agents are more understanding of the situation and are trying to assist x fingers.  And people ask-how can people be homeless in our wonderful country???

Family 2

Ryan Park visits the Hub

Ryan Park visited the Homeless Hub this morning to see what our service is all about.  He meet one of our clients who is struggling to secure a rental property. He also had the opportunity to have cake for one of the little girls 9th birthday.

Ryan Park Ryan Park3 11879215_999276366791703_5512596132291278032_o


Winter Night Market Fundraiser

A huge thank you to Salt Church organisers of the first Winter Night Market held in Keira Street, on Saturday Night. It was a wonderful evening and all monies raised were donated to Wollongong Homeless Hub an amazing 3,000.

Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who assisted and had food stalls and other stalls. I spent way too much money but it was for a great cause.  The Night saw the return of Mohan Gunasekara Executive Manager of IMS cooking curries we sold out in an hour.

Thanks Mohan and all our wonderful staff Leanore Garnon-Sorbello, Kim Phillips, Mandy Booker, Glen Sorbello, Lee Robinson, Lawson Brown, Mohammad Ahwazi, Tian Booker.

Night Market3 Night Market Night Market2

Thank you Adrian D’Amico

A huge thank you to Adrian D’Amico for raising an incredible 2,586.66 to assist homeless friends of the Hub. Thank you Adrian -this will go towards food packages ( we have provided food & packages to 157 people this week alone) It was an incredibly busy week this week.

In the last 2 years since the Hub has been opened we have given out an amazing 4,780 FREE food packages. Thanks to the generosity of people such as Adrian and yourselves. Thank you, thank you. to continue to assist us please come to the Salt Church Winter Markets McCabe Park Saturday between 4 and 8. Come on down we will be cooking and there will be lots of great goodies to buy.

Adrian DAmaco

Sock Drive

Thank you so much Pleasant Heights Public School for holding a sock drive for the Homeless Hub – thank you Mrs Venables , Mr Swan, KC collected the most socks so a special big thank you KC.
Altogether PHPS collected an amazing 677 pairs -that will keep a lot of toes warm. Who will be the first student to tell me just how many toes that is?


Futsal Charity Match

The Hub clients and staff as well as Fairlie and Justin from i98fm played Futsal against Football South Coast last Thursday. It was great day raising awareness around homelessness, breaking down barriers and social isolation.

Everybody loved the afternoon and we went in to have soft drinks and coffee in the Frat, and then went on to dinner it was a great afternoon and evening.

One of the benefits of the day was a life changing event for one of our clients- he said he had not experienced such a fun afternoon since he was a kid, he decided to move back to his home town closer to his children and reengage with his family.  Good luck we wish you well.

11873637_953108938065231_2177903868697460999_n 11864869_953103594732432_5225334434695731857_o

Very Proud of Trev

One week on the job and look at our Trev exhausted but proud and happy. On the train to Sydney 4.30 every morning gets back late has a shower and something to eat at the Hub then down to the beach to sleep in his tent. You have the job Trev -just need to get a home for you. Huge big step …………so proud of you.

11826017_950754261634032_2635011486796604671_n 11009899_950754748300650_5115104210680466775_n

Wednesday Catchup

What a fantastic day started the day giving talks to the great students of Edmund Rice College. Fantastic students- said they would like to raise money for the Hub. Thanks so much for having us join your school today.

Kim ran a very imformative Rent It Keep It group ,this afternoon well attended by our homeless friends.
1st Dapto Scout Group came along to the Hub and prepared a meal for our homeless clients and entertained us with songs and games.

Brayden celebrated his 19th birthday today with us, and after months of couch surfing and sleeping rough was housed with the Lighthouse Youth Initiative. Happy Birthday, Brayden well done we are proud of you.


Futsal Charity Match

Guess who is joining us at Team Hub????????? Recently retired St George Illawarra Dragon- DAN HUNT ……..YES DAN HUNT. Welcome Dan. Dan is coming on board working with clients of the Hub we are so excited he will be a great addition to the team.

Woohoo!!!!!! Dan met up with us at Football South Coast today with Ann-Marie Balliana, Jacob Timpano to promote our Futsal Charity Match tommorrow at the Frat. 1.30 come and cheer us on- we are also asking for people to sponsor goals- so how much will you or your business pledge per goal.

Keep in mind it is The Hub clients and Staff against Football South Coast. If you wish to donate Bendigo Bank BSB 633000 ACCOUNT NO 142496728.

11800505_950410661668392_2714843055977456174_n 11062099_950410735001718_6158302303661678657_n

Dental Health Check Day

Thank you Wollongong Dental 274 Crown St, Wollongong, Amanda you were amazing 20 of our homeless hubbers went up for their free dental check ups and x ray. A big thank you to area health for making dental appointments to carry out work needed.

Dental Day

Homeless Persons Prevention Week 3 – 9 August

Wollongong Homeless Hub activities:
Monday 3rd:  Wollongong City Coucil launch donation collection points for Wollongong Homeless Hub: you can drop donations to council buildings and libraries.

Tuesday 4th: Wollongong Dental 274 Crown Street, Wollongong free dental check ups for 20 homeless clients.

Wednesday 5th: 1st Dapto Scouts; preparing and serving a meal at the Hub for all our clients.

Thursday 6th: Charity Futsal Match between Football South Coast and Homeless Hub Staff, Clients and Friends. 1.30 kick off court kindly donated by the Fraternity Club; drop by and watch us play. Sponsor each goal scored.

Friday 7th: surprise new initiative launch 6am Wollongong Train Station.

Friday Feedback 31 July 2015

Another great week this week: 169 visits to the Hub: 4 clients found housing: and 3 Hubbers gained
employment; we had 2 great Movie nights this week thanks to the Lovely Sarah and Charbel who donated this leaning tower of Pizza, garlic Bread and soft drink. Barlissimo Cafe Gwynneville also donated pasta and muffins what a night. we had pizza left- so all our visitors ate pizza for lunch the next day and then we decided to watch another movie that night so did it all over again.

A great movie is the Good Lie with Reece Witherspoon a movie that follows the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan “not a dry eye in the Hub”.


But lets meet Trev, Trev is sleeping rough and has been doing this for a while now -it is his swag bed featured in a previous post. Trev has in the last 2 months lost 4 friends who died much to young they were all doing it tough. This of course devastated Trevor so much and he was afraid of what might happen to him. Trev has been on benefits for 11years.

After 11years of unemployment Trev told us he was going to turn his life around and he did it. He applied for a demolition job in Sydney, we dressed him up for the interview in brand new pants and a workers lucky shirt. HE GOT THE JOB, he came back from Sydney; so excited his elderley Dad cried when we took Trev over to tell him, his Dad in his 80’s was proud of his boy and so are we.  We then took Trev to Bunnings to outfit him for work the next day with a real hardhat not the toy one in the photo and work boots. Go for it Trev we are all behind you.


Savvy Fitness Helps Homeless


We can not believe how incredible Savvy Fitness have been raising over $12,000 – to assist the Wollongong Homeless Hub to support homeless members of our community with: support, accommodation, food, breakfast, hair cuts, showers, laundry facilities,access to computers, food packages, transport assistance and lots more.

Thank you Ange, Nikky all the Savvy Survivor teams Blue, Red Green and Yellow. You are all amazing and we love you, you went and slept out in the cold, got up to exercise while the rest of us were snug in our beds, ran around tracks and generaly gave 100% everyday to help others. You are legends.


Swags with Legs!

A big thank you to all the people who have made donations to purchase these wonderful swags on legs. Through your generosity we have been able to purchase the first 20, 10 more are on order. My dream is for all people to have a home until that happens I want a safe place, with an amenities block.


Ray and his new boots!

Thank you to the person who donated these beautiful leather boots, Ray came in for the first time yesterday morning- it was very cold and his feet were bare. We asked would he like some shoes gave him this pair and it was amazing how his beautiful smile lit up the room. He was so happy. Made our day hope it makes you all feel good too.


Iftar Evening at the Hub

We had a magical night at the Hub yesterday.During the month of Ramadan Muslims fast- they do not eat between sunrise and sunset – the breaking of the fast at sunset is called Iftar. It is a social occasion where family and friends come together and enjoy their good fortune and love of their faith. Ramadan is a profound act of worship.  Just one of the many benefits of fasting:

It is a way to personally feel the suffering of the poor and needy who go through this experience in their daily lives.  Through fasting, the wealthy experience what it means to be hungry and not able to buy food. Therefore the more fortunate are able to understand the plight of those who are struggling and give to those in need.

Last night members of the Islamic community prepared and served a 3 course traditional meal to 38 of our homeless friends.

A very special thank you to Fatma Ismail and Nurhan As.

Islamic dinner

Friday Feedback – 10 July 2015

Just a quick Friday update today……..Kevin and Princess (canine companion) (featured in a WIN news story) after 15 years of being homeless has signed today for a Housing NSW property he has been applying for rentals but because of his beloved companion was not having any success.

This morning Kev, was homeless and was becoming so frustrated he had tears in his eyes. This afternoon he was offered a property , viewed the property, signed the lease we got together lots of donations including a bed, fridge, blankets, household items and kitchenware and a big food package.

Enjoy your first night in your new home Kev, we all wish you the best. Hopefully it is goodbye to your tent forever -unless you want to go camping.

Kevin and Princess

Paul Beck & Killer Ride Members Clothing Drive

A huge , huge thank you to Paul Beck, his family and the Killer Rides members also Marty and Dan from 198fm who promoted Killer Rides collection for Wollongong Homeless Hub at Warrawong carpark last Wednesday night in the freezing cold . You were all so – so generous and we were able to provide so many people with warm clothing and bedding.  Photos from left to right – Paul Beck and Family, Marty from I98 fm

Paul Beck and family Marty and the fund raiser at Warrawong.