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19 families have moved to their forever homes!

In the last month we have had 19 families move to their forever homes! Thank you for the kind donations that allowed us to support them with furnishing and home starter packs to make their house feel like a home.

WHH would like to thank all businesses and community members for the senseless act of vandalism.

Wollongong homeless hub would like to thank all the amazing businesses and community members that have rallied donations to help our hub clients that were victims of the senseless act of vandalism at the beginning of the week. We will be now able to help them have their cars back on the road by the beginning of next week from your generosity.
I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify the media reports that the person charged with this crime was a paying tenant of the homeless hub, this is not correct reporting as the person is not a tenant of Wollongong Homeless hub and to our knowledge has a private tenancy with a Wollongong real estate agent. We can confirm that all 3 victims are people experiencing homelessness and currently in our crisis accommodation. I invite anybody that would like to come for a service visit to see the amazing work that the staff do on a daily basis to please send your request through to for us to organise.

Help Needed

This morning our staff are needing to provide additional support to people in our crisis accommodation after a heart breaking incident occurred when a random act of malicious damage took place on the road where they had parked their cars. Our homeless community members face many challenges on a daily basis and rely on the one possession of value they are lucky enough to have. Many times their cars are their home when there is a shortage of crisis accommodation. We are hoping that if you have any way of contributing to helping us repair the windows of their vehicles please donate… and use “car” in the description.

Staff took the pledge!

As we near the end of Homeless Person Week 2020, we ask the community to send us a short message of hope, for us to build a Hope House.

All Staff of WEFH call for an increase in affordable and social housing.

Homeless Person’s Week

Today starts homeless person week, let’s work towards there not being a need for us to have a homeless person week campaign in the near future. You can do this by sending our treasurer a message that it makes good economic sense to increase social and affordable housing stock.

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Thank you – reusable bags

Thank you so much to everyone who has messaged through offering to donate their reusable shopping bags. We’ve had an amazing response from our beautiful community and would like to thank you all. If we could ask that if you haven’t been in contact with us and would like to donate the reusable bags if you could hold onto them until November, when we will make another call out.👏 The bags help us to make our rough sleeper and family food parcels 🙂


Needing shopping bags for our food packs

Hi there 🙂 at the moment where really low on reusable shopping bags, which we use for our food packs. If you have any spare bags that you would like to donate please send an email through to so can arrange pick up. Thanks so much for your support.


Meet our Support Team Leader

I would like to end this week by Acknowledging and Thanking our Homeless Hub Team Leader Derek. Derek goes above and beyond supporting our hub staff and clients.

Clients continue to benefit from Derek’s experience in everything housing, He meets every challenge with positivity and professionalism that is infectious to those that work with and alongside him.

Charities like Wollongong Homeless Hub can only make the amazing impact to our vulnerable community members because of the amazing staff , Thank you all for the work that you do.

Filthy Rich and Homeless

Tonight End’s the series for this year’s Filthy Rich and Homeless. We can only dream and hope that there will be no need to have a series next year.

Please support Wollongong Homeless Hub to make this dream become a reality by donating via our website through PayPal or direct deposit Local donations staying local.

Thanks to SBS for giving people experiencing homelessness a voice.

Special event ‘Filfty Rich & Homeless, taking part in filming to raise awareness of homeless in regional areas.

We were fortunate to take part in the filming and to raise awareness of homeless in regional areas. Coinciding with our very own ‘Wrap up homelessness’, tax deductible donations can be made via our website through paypal or direct deposit
Donating to Wollongong Homeless Hub allows us to support our local community- Local donations staying local.