Wollongong Emergency Family Housing Inc (WEFH) is a registered not-for-profit charity which supports families and individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to either sustain their existing accommodation or attain and keep new tenancies through a combination of early intervention, case management, referral, advocacy and information.

This months case study:

October 2020

Last Friday we had the pleasure of assisting Bob to move into and furnish his new private rental, you may remember Bob’s story in the Illawarra mercury after we met him sleeping on the trains on one of our assertive outreach nights. Bob then came into our crisis accommodation and for the past few weeks has been working towards securing his own accommodation. After 2 years of sleeping on the trains Bob at 72 years of age can now sleep in his own bed and look forward to enjoying the next phase of life’s journey. Congratulations Bob we are so privileged to have met and joined you on your journey.

Photo Credit: Illawarra Mercury


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