Wrap up Homelessness Week

Wollongong Homeless Hub is asking you to wrap up for homelessness from June 4 – 8!

Wrap up Homelessness is an initiative to raise awareness about individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness.  The Hub aims to raise $5000 to support those in need, but we need your help.

The hub is seeing more and more middle income individuals and families seeking assistance through our service that are currently homeless or at risk of homelessness, because they are just not able to meet rental payments in current unstable housing market.  These are people who have full-time employment, who have never had to access these service supports before and who often have good rental history – they simply cannot afford the increased rents in private market.  With additional people accessing the Hub we the help of our supporters more than ever to provide material and financial assistance in an emergency situations.  This may be used to meet a variety of needs which may include prescription medication, food vouchers, opal cards, travel to escape DV, emergency accommodation, tents/swags, petrol vouchers, support for homeless who are hospitalized etc.


We are inviting the public to host a fundraising day by wrapping up and wearing a scarf, shawl, wrap or beanie and collecting a gold coin donation at work, school, church/ community group, or even you local sporting club.  If you are interested in supporting ‘Wrap up Homelessness’ week email info@wefh.org.au to register.

Every dollar counts when you have nothing, please help us raise funds to help those who are going without in our local community.