Creating Cooinda NAIDOC 2019

WOLLONGONG HOMELESS HUB invites you to help us celebrate ‘NAIDOC WEEK’ with a day of activities featuring; dot painting, basket weaving, jewellery making, Indigenous spice sampling, bush tucker barbeque, and Indigenous games.  Held on MONDAY 8 JULY 2019 starting at 10.30am—1.30pm, at McCABE PARK  (Church St Wollongong)

Art piece meaning from Artist Isabella Horne (15yrs):

My artwork depicts the brolga and the turtle looking over 2 small circles that come together to make a larger circle in the centre of the piece.  Through the these Voice, Truth, Treaty Lets work together for a shared future, the smaller circles, done in yellow and orange represent the Indigenous Australians and the English people.  From the 2 circles are journey lines accompanied by kangaroo tracks, this represents us moving forward to a shared future and the journey ahead towards that future.

These lines and tracks come to a larger circle in the centre that includes both yellow and orange showing a joined future together in peace, where everyone is equal.  In this painting the brolga represents voice through story telling and dance.  Stories told by both cultures help us to communicate and unify each other as one.  The turtle shows longevity of Makarrata, as 2 communities coming together after a struggle, to heal the divisions of the past, representing treaty.  The turtle and kangaroo tracks also communicates the idea of truth through wisdom and moving forward on one path, with honesty and trust.

The colours in this artwork are orange, red, yellow and purple.  The orange is used to symbolise balance and security among all people.  Red and orange shows the strength we all have to fight for our future.  The red shows the courage and motivation being upheld to make that future.  Yellow represents the success achieved by people to get to where our community is at today and the happiness shared all round.  In this piece purple represents the pride that we hold for our culture and the inspirational people that got us to where we are today, it signifies healing among both communities to make our future a shared one.