Welcome to WEFH

Wollongong Emergency Family Housing (WEFH) supports and accommodates families and individuals who are homeless or are experiencing a crisis which threatens their current accommodation. WEFH assists  families and individuals in crisis to achieve a level of independence that enables them to re-engage with their local community and live independently.

Wollongong Emergency Family Housing Inc (WEFH) operates under a community management model within the Illawarra. We provide timely and effective responses for families and individuals facing homelessness.

Our Services

Homeless Hub Early Intervention Our Partners Support Groups Supported Accomodation

Find Us

Our head office is located at 83 Kenny Street Wollongong. We are open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday or you can contact us here. The Wollongong Homeless hub is located at 305 Crown Street in Wollongong and can be contacted on 02 4244 4121.